Why Apps and Software?

At Creation Labs we believe that companies who see the value of software as the cornerstone of their business are the companies that will progress leaps ahead of their competition. Due to this belief we invest heavily in the success of our clients software with solutions that are custom-coded to tackle your unique business challenges.

Custom Coded
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Why Choose Us?

Technical Know-how

When it comes to creating software for our clients, we can do just about anything a client requires. Our technically skilled team of developers and designers can engineer and create systems that can help you solve your unique set of business challenges by creating a functional software solution tailor-made for you from the ground up. No out-sourcing, or off-the-shelf technologies. Just pure, functional, handwritten code.

Indepth Company Analysis

When you commission us for a software development project, we begin by evaluating the high-level needs of your organisation in order to determine the end-goal of the project. Once we have identified the primary needs of your organisation, we switch to a grass-roots approach by intensively investigating and evaluating the processes of your employees from the bottom up. Through this approach we are able to compile a full-spectrum analysis of what you need, allowing us to develop a solution that benefits the entire organisation, improving the operational efficiency of your employees from the bottom right to the top.

Intuitive, Simple Design

Once we have an understanding of what your company needs, we begin the process of simplifying the complex set of components that form the proposed software solution into an easy-to-use and intuitive design. At Creation Labs we understand the importance of software that has been looked at through the lense of a well designed User Interface, seeing it as part of the core of the software system. Functionality is a key component of the software, but it is rendered useless if people do not understand how to interact with the software. This approach allows for a great user experience and effectively achieves what we set out to do - make people's lives easier through technology.

Engineered to for Growth

When the design has been reviewed and completed it is then handed over to our software engineers who then implement the design into a workable digital solution. An important note about our software is that it is completely custom-coded. This is beneficial in many ways as it allows us to create software to satisfy almost any need, having the ability to create solutions that most software platforms cannot achieve, whilst being made to fit your company's specific requirements, making the software completely unique. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, this software is also an asset that adds value to your company as opposed to the licensed software that ends up as a company expense. Most importantly, our custom-coded software is extremely flexible and scalable. It can be adjusted or enhanced in a timely manner ensuring that business can continue as normal and that your company’s processes are not jeopardized.

Deployed to create change

Upon completion of development, we then test and review the software with you as the client, implementing any feedback you provide to us. We then move the web-based software onto a secure online server which can be accessed at anytime and any moment from a web portal login. This allows you and your company to access the software on any digital device with a connection to the internet, making it convenient, secure and hassle free.

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