Software Development

At Creation Labs Software, we invest heavily in the success of our clients. We believe that your success is our success.

When you commission us for a software development project, we begin by evaluating the high-level needs of your organisation in order to determine the end-goal of the project. Once we have identified the primary needs of your organisation, we switch to a grass-roots approach by intensively investigating and evaluating the processes of your employees from the bottom up. Through this approach we are able to compile a full-spectrum needs analysis, allowing us to develop a solution that benefits the entire organisation, improving the operational efficiency of your employees from the bottom right to the top.

Our software development process is a systematic 4D approach:


Our work begins by meeting with the key decision-makers in your organisation in order to determine the primary goals of the project. We then perform a business process analysis, by identifying members at each level of your organisation and meeting with them individually to determine which existing systems are in place, how they are used, and what difficulties have been encountered with the existing systems. The result of this process is a complete needs-analysis document which is used to design an optimised solution.


Based on the needs-analysis of your organisation, we design the structural blueprint for your project. During this process we determine the platform and technologies that will be used to develop and deliver the project.


Using the structural blueprint, we begin the development phase of your project. Our technology stack combines industry-standard software frameworks with modern web design, enabling us to deliver a solution that is scalable, secure, intuitive, and importantly, accurately reflects your brand through a beautiful user interface.


Once your project is ready, we perform intensive integration testing before deploying the project to one of our dedicated servers. Our servers are fully-managed, hosted in secure-data centres throughout South Africa. Once your project goes live, our SLA includes a 99.999% uptime guarantee together with daily offsite backups, ensuring uninterrupted availability of your solution.