ecomm_01Creation Labs provides a number of innovative ecommerce solutions. We offer both industry-standard platforms such as Magento and CS-Cart, as well as solutions developed from the ground up for your exact requirements. We specialise in scalable, secure systems, with active threat mitigation to keep you and your customers’ data secure.


The connection between your customers and your eCommerce store is secured using the same strong encryption used by banks to prevent potential MITM attacks. Using extended identity verification provides your customers the security they expect when purchasing through your store.

Brand Identity

Our designers will work with you to create a solution that accurately conforms to your brand identity. Using your brand, we will design and develop a modern, cross-platform solution that customers can immediately identify with.

Active Threat Mitigation

Our active threat mitigation systems combine a variety of technologies, including application-level firewalls, brute-force penetration detection, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack prevention through CloudFlare. Our automated threat mitigation systems monitor our services around the clock, alerting us to any attempts at data breaches.

ecomm_03Payment Processing

We work only with South Africa’s most reputable payment processors, allowing your customers to transact using a payment method of their choice. A multitude of payment methods are conveniently supported, including Credit Cards and EFT.

Custom Solutions

We provide bespoke software development services, including the development of custom eCommerce solutions per your exact specification. As with all our development services, we intensively engage with our clients to develop a tailor-made solution, combined with a supporting Service Level Agreement (SLA) to guarantee our service delivery.