Digital Marketing

At Creation Labs we recognise your need for an online Marketing strategy, to assist your business in maintaining its online presence and being able to compete in the technical world.

Strategy and Planning

Our team of digital strategists are able to assist our clients with their overall online marketing strategies, whether it be from just starting out with online campaigns to successfully pulling off a brand or product launch or to creating hype around a planned event.

Social Media Marketing and Community Management

Our team believes that it’s not enough to just be popular on social platforms. We will customise your online presence to reflect the audience you would like to market to, assess what content is relevant, how it should be managed and where it should be advertised. We want to build an entire community around our client’s brand/product and our dedicated Community Manager ensure that each step of the process will result in this. Check out our social media packages

Content Marketing and Remarketing

When it comes to content marketing, our editorial team will ensure your strategic social media content and online marketing materials such a blogs and newsletters are personalised enough to yield the result each individual client seeks.

We will ensure that your brand is positioned in such a way that targets customers after they have visited your page known as remarketing, this type of marketing is a gentle reminder across all platforms as to why the customer should chose you. Subtle but hard hitting.

Online Advertising and PPC

Our team of online professionals will develop a strategy and implement Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising and Google AdWords to assist in your online reach. We have a seasoned professional who’s bidding ability outdoes even the best auctioneers.

We implement best practises and strategies to ensure every campaign gains as much reach as possible across the chosen platforms, this in turn assists with projected ROI and increases brand awareness and brand advocates.


Through market research and proper strategy planning, we are able to adjust a websites code and content structure to ensure it is visible via a search engine page by using specific key words. This results in your advertisement being seen more often.

Market Research and Report Analysis

Our dedicated team of analysts will ensure sufficient market research is conducted for each client, this enables us to better promote your brand, place ads better, make better use of all available online platforms and give you valuable competitor insights. A unique-user report will be personally generated for each client monthly to display the overall performance of your brand as a whole or of a specific campaign and its traction gained. These vital reports assist us in ensuring we are establishing the right outcome for your digital media marketing.