Case Study for Molecular Diagnostic Services

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About the Company

Molecular Diagnostic Services (MDS) is the largest independent ISO-accredited laboratory in Southern Africa, performing molecular and genetic analysis in the human and veterinary fields. On a daily basis, the laboratory receives hundreds of samples locally and internationally, and uses some of the most advanced technologies to provide testing services for infectious diseases, genetic mutations, and paternity testing.

Project Overview

Creation Labs was commissioned by MDS to develop a laboratory management solution with the ability for veterinary clinics to place online orders for sample testing. Over a period of 6 months, we worked with the company to develop a unique, web-based solution capable of processing sensitive medical data in the laboratory, while presenting a clear user interface for clients to place orders, without requiring any explicit training.

Our Solution

Upon arrival at the laboratory, samples are batch processed and sent for testing. Our software tracks samples at each stage, automatically informing clients of the progress of their order. As an ISO-accredited laboratory, MDS is required to perform quality control (QC) on all samples, and audit any irregularities. Our software presents full audit control functionality to the laboratory, allowing for change-tracking throughout the process of testing a sample.

As a system which is required to be globally accessible and operational 24/7, all changes to the software undergo rigorous testing to ensure stability and to prevent unnecessary downtime. In addition, in dealing with medical records, our software employs strict security measures, with stringent access controls to prevent unauthorised access to data.


Business Mapping
Process Analysis
Product Prototyping


CloudFlare Integration
Security Auditing
Application Firewall


Systems Integration
High-performance Webstack
Multi-tenant architecture




Improve Load Speed


Global Availability

We have just had our websites redone by the Creation Labs Team, and I must say with a combination of feedback from our own staff and clients, Creation Labs have done an amazing job at grasping the concepts of what we do and making it work for everyone. The support we get from them is fantastic and I'm happy we made the choice to change over.

- Gareth Gamble, Head of IT, MDS