Case Study for Masifunde Training Centre

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About the Company

South African learners are amongst the most geographically dispersed in the world, with many students turning to distance learning facilities to further their education. The traditional approach to distance learning, of mailing hard-copy material and assignments between learners and educators, is both cumbersome and prone to mishaps. Material is frequently lost in the post, and deadlines are often missed as a result of inefficiencies of the process.

Masifunde Training Centre is an INSETA accredited training institute and registered FET college, and one of the largest insurance-sector colleges in South Africa. In 2010 the institute realised that by positioning themselves at the forefront of South Africa's digital revolution, they would better be able to serve the needs of their learners, and more effectively compete against other institutes of higher education.

Project Overview

Creation Labs was chosen to develop, roll out, and maintain a cloud-based elearning system capable of supporting thousands of learners, while realising the need for a system that would be fast, secure, accessible 24/7, and be available from anywhere in the world. The deployment was a success, and Creation Labs has since expanded the elearning system with advanced LMS functionality, as well as an automated quoting system and a comprehensive curriculum planner.

Our Solution

As a result of a sustained development plan, Masifunde Training Centre is now a front-runner in elearning, regularly receiving accolades for their ability to effectively manage and support learners through their online learning platform.


Process Analysis
Credit Mapping
System Prototyping


CloudFlare Firewall
Automatic Failover
High Availability


High Performance Web Stack
Deep Integration
Curriculum Planner


Concurrent Learners


Global Availability


Failover Redundancy

Creation labs did an amazing job with creating our website and Online Learning portal and it's been such a pleasure working with you guys!

- Kershen Pillay