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About the Company

In 2014, the total number of internet-connected South Africans reached 25 million, a population penetration of over 50%. At the same time, the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), one of South Africa's dominant political parties, had begun to be seen as lagging in its online presence. The party's existing website was not accessible on mobile devices, and had not been designed for the modern, media-rich internet.

In preparation for the organisation's upcoming 40th anniversary, Creation Labs was tasked with shaping a fresh, new digital presence for the IFP. The website was to be a tribute to the IFP's multi-cultural heritage, and a representation of its mission to serve the people of South Africa in the spirit of Ubuntu.

Project Overview

Our goal was to design a website which embraced the people of Inkatha, creating a platform from which to communicate with its membership base regardless of device. Over a period of several months, Creation Labs worked with the IFP to identify and create a logical and visual framework for the website, ultimately creating a design language representative of the organisation's brand. This new visual representation, however, was not enough. The old website contained a corpus of historical documents, a trove of South African history which could not be lost. As a result, we developed software to automatically import and restructure this vast library of text, the entirety of which is accessible on the new website.

Our Solution

The Inkatha Freedom Party officially launched its new online presence at the Durban ICC on 1 June 2015 amidst heads of state and hundreds of delegates, garnering thousands of new visitors within the first few hours. Making use of a global content delivery network, we were able to sustain increased traffic to the website with zero downtime, resulting in an overwhelmingly successful launch for the party.


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